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About Keen Creative Group

KEEN Creative Group
KEEN Creative Group is an award winning, veteran owned creative agency. We have a wide range of capabilities that span both in the creative and technical areas, making our approach to creative marketing a truly KEEN one. We are nontraditional thinkers who have a passion for making things work and solving the problem of getting noticed.
We specialize in video marketing, motion graphics, animations, and full brand awareness from logos to brochures. We offer all the same services as larger companies do, but without the corporate feel. This enables us to offer you affordable custom solutions for all your marketing needs. We don’t help you get noticed, WE MAKE YOU GET NOTICED.

Our Video Production & Branding Services

We’re not just one agency, but many. A video marketing agency at our core, but one with many spokes. Digital, creative, media, branding, advertising, social media marketing and more...all under a single roof.

Ultra HD

The new frontier in video editing is Ultra HD, also known as 4K. This is the reason why a powerful PC can really make a difference. You need a fast processor, lots of storage capacity, and kick-ass monitors to be able to display 4K resolutions. Our 4K edit suite delivers that in spades!

Our in-studio sessions affords the clients the opportunity to review cuts while kicking back in our plush contemporary seating. Our color-accurate large screen monitors and crisp audio will take your projects to a whole new level.

Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.

— Walter Murch

Our Work

Being able to help tell a great story is what we love to do. There isn’t one particular industry we try to work with. We have worked with start-up, Fortune 500, and even a couple of Fortune 50 companies. If you need a visually compelling video to increase your marketability, then let’s get your project rolling!

Clients We've Worked With

Reasons to partner with us

We’re Creative

Creativity is infectious. Creativity is emotional. Creativity is what makes this world worth living. Creativity is where that great idea or stunning visual is dreamt up.

We’re Punctual

We set padded time tables, break large projects into bite-sized milestones, and implement the most important deadline saver ever…thoughtful communication!

We have magic

Every day starts by conjuring up piping hot coffee and brilliant ideas. This allows us to think of ways around barriers and see the playgrounds of creative possibilities.

We love minimalism

Minimalism, when done right, is able to resonate in the mind of the viewer and force them to think about something by filling in the blanks.

We’re responsible

The prospect of helping build your brand is something that we do not take too lightly. We make the process as smooth as possible to ensure the highest quality product, on time, and within budget.

We're Friendly

Do you really need any other reason than that?

What our clients are saying

KEEN's creativity really helped visualize our organization's vision in the animation they created for us. But, what made them truly excellent was the customer service/project management. They were very responsive and walked us through the entire process, ensuring we were happy with the product and quickly making changes to stick to our deadline.

Rose C.

What our clients are saying

When we approached Keen Creative Group, we had an idea of what we wanted. What they gave us was beyond our wildest dreams. We could not be more pleased.

Ed B.
Law Firm, Gastonia

What our clients are saying

KEEN Creative Group was easy to work with, professional, responsive, and quick. We loved working with them. Best of all, their work is fantastic. Thank you!

Rachel H.
PERTS - Stanford University

What our clients are saying

David was great to work with. I really enjoyed collaborating with him to create a great piece. His animations were fun and clever. They helped make a very academic topic digestible for a larger audience. Additionally, he was extremely professional about additional reviews and increased cost rather than springing them on you in the end.

Becky D.
Verb Marketing Manager

What our clients are saying

We all have ideas. When you find someone who can grab those ideas and take them to another place entirely, that is the person you hire. Working with David and Keen Creative Group has taken my projects to that next level. David and his team have consistently gone above and beyond all expectations. From concept to execution, Keen has always delivered.

Dan Burke
Owner, Rabid Armadillo Productions

What our clients are saying

David and Keen Creative Group are a key tool in our communication program. The ability to work collaboratively with our corporate communications team is crucial in finding the right partners to enhance our internal video teams capabilities to deliver messages that have impact and inspire over 250,000 employees. David and his teams work runs parallel to big agencies keeping on budget and time. In such a big company and highly competitive business, having a partner like Keen Creative Group is a big part of our success.

Michael Hendrix
Senior Video Production Specialist, Lowe's Home Improvement


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